Variety Cruises

The Yacht Cruise Experience

Type: Cruise Company
Country: Greece
Contact Details:
Variety Cruises House
214-216 Syngrou Avenue
17672 - Athens - Greece
Tel : + 30 210 6919191
Fax : + 30 210 699 8484

Variety Cruises is one of the leading yacht cruise lines worldwide, operating a fleet of 11 fully owned vessels offering travelers the ultimate Yacht Cruise experience. With capacities ranging from 17 to 36 cabins, Variety Cruises’ upscale yachts and experiential cruise itineraries embrace each destination by visiting much-loved and unfrequented ports of call in a private, intimate and relaxed environment.

The Variety Cruises difference:
– Private Yacht Cruise Experience, with up to 72 fellow passengers
– Boutique-size yachts that dock right in the heart of destinations that large ships cannot reach
– Carefully crafted & destination-intense itineraries offering ample leisure time in each port including overnights
– Mediterranean fusion cuisine with a strong local influence depending on the destination
– Personalized service on board provided by experienced and finely trained crew
– Small group shore excursions – Immersion in the destination
– Swimming platforms allowing guests to swim, snorkel, kayak and more
– Yacht Deck Barbecues & Private Events on shore

The Variety Cruises ships also operate private charters for non-profit organizations – all major Alumni US associations have used our ships these past 10 years – as well as Travel Organizations such as Noble Caledonia and Vantage Travel, providing special interest travel programs. With more than 400 bed capacity on board 11 vessels, Variety Cruises is the largest Mega Yachts operator in the Mediterranean and one of the top 3 worldwide in the Small Ship market.