Argo Travel Group

DMC Services for Greece & the rest of Europe

Type: Destination Management Company (DMC)
Country: Greece
Travel Agency
HQ: 10, Xenofontos Str.,
105 57 Syntagma, Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 211 180 3100
Company Details:

Argo Travel Logo

The Argo Travel Group has been operating in the Travel Industry for over 65 years. The Company was founded in Athens in 1952 by innovators in the growing sector of marine & crew transportation and corporate travel. The management team, comprised of three generations from 25 to 90 years of age, provide Argo with the competitive advantage of experience combined with creativity.

Initially an agency specializing in marine & crew transportation, Argo has grown into one of the leading agencies in the IATA ticketing sector. In 1953, just one year after its foundation, our Company was one of the very first travel agencies in Greece to be approved and accredited/certified by IATA.

With an annual turnover of almost 100 million euros, Argo is a coordinated Travel Group and is active in several fields of the travel industry. The Group is specialized as a DMC (Destination Management Company), supporting travel services in the whole of Greece with a large range of both B2C and B2B products.

Today Argo has privately-owned offices in Athens, and branches in Thessaloniki and Santorini island (Greece). Our network extends to Geneva (Switzerland), London (UK) and Shanghai (China), with fully affiliated companies.